Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tonsil News & Dental Rant

Zac's alarm didn't go off this morning, so he was late getting to class. He was let out early, so he came with me to bring James to the doctor. We talked with a surgeon and an anesthesiologist and both wondered why we hadn't scheduled this appointment sooner. Just by James' voice, the surgeon knew he needed his tonsils out ASAP. I explained to her that this was the second time we'd ever been to an ENT and we were turned down last time. She asked if he had ever been officially diagnosed with asthma (which he hadn't) because she said that it was allergies and not asthma causing his reactions. If something aggravates his allergies, his tonsils swell up in defense, which causes him to cough, which makes his tonsils swell up more, which means more coughing and a sore throat and  more swelling, etc.

We are going to stock up on popsicles and ice cream this week.

While we were in the waiting room, I was chewing my gum when I felt a crunch. Upon inspection, I found that one of my fillings in my molar shattered. Things like that make me queasy, so I called our clinic to make an appointment with the dentist for today. For the record, I'm never going to that dentist again. EVER.

The receptionist was incredibly rude. I stood next to the counter so I could check in. Woman #1 was in front of me. Receptionist helped Woman #1 and answered the phone. I stood there, waiting patiently. Receptionist calls Woman #2 to the counter to give her some paperwork. I continue to wait. Woman #3 walks in, stands behind me, and the receptionist asks her, "Can I help you with something?" So I stepped forward and answered, "Yes, I need to know if the dentist is available." She gave me an eye-roll and replied curtly, "No. They haven't returned from lunch. You'll have to wait." And wait I did... for 30 minutes. I was finally called to a back room where I sat in the examination chair. After another 30 minutes, a hygienist came in to ask me a few questions about why I was there, any allergies, etc. She performed an X-ray and left. Another 30 minutes pass and the dentist came in, asked the same questions, looked at the X-ray and left.

The dentist finally came back, mixed up some temporary filling-paste and applied it. So that was it? Apparently. During those aforementioned hours, I waited as the dentist performed two extractions on patients who came in after me. She managed to numb the WRONG side of a patient's face who was in the room across from mine. The patient only spoke Spanish, but her daughter was trying to translate. What I heard:

Daughter: You numbed the wrong side. She still feels pain on the left but she's numb on the right.
Dentist: No, I numbed the correct side.
Daughter: You didn't. She's still in pain on the left. You need to numb the left.
Dentist: No. I numbed her on the right because that is where the pain is according to her.


I paid and went home, then made an appointment with an actual dentist. I just can't believe it. Even the receptionist at the "good" dentist said my complaint wasn't the first she's heard about the clinic. Wow.

I just want my teeth to feel better.

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