Monday, March 19, 2012

Audubon Zoo 2012

James has been approved for a tonsillectomy! We see a surgeon on Tuesday to set up an appointment. I can't wait and I know he'll be feeling so much better. He's had some rough breathing issues this week. We had stayed with Jessie and Joey since they don't have pets, but James couldn't stop coughing all night. His tonsils were huge and he didn't sleep. It was pitiful.

This week has been a little busy, but fun. Zac and I went to Natalie's (Zac's friend from high school) for her son, Landon's, first birthday. We went to the mall and saw a glass display full of bunnies. The kids almost had a fit to touch them. One of the employees let me hold one so the kids could pet it. It was so soft!

We went to the zoo with Jessie and Joey, but Jessie had to get to work, so they couldn't stay long. The kids had fun, though. Leah has never been to the zoo and the last time we went with James, he was just turning one.

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