Thursday, March 22, 2012


James had his tonsils removed today. He was so nervous when we first arrived at the hospital and felt embarrassed to wear the "girly dress" instead of his own clothes. He relaxed once the doctor said they'd put him to sleep before they started the IV so he wouldn't feel it. I had to leave him to go to work, but Zac said everything went quickly and smoothly. 

He woke up asking for me, but he came home and filled up on ice cream and popsicles. His voice is so different! He sounds so much younger and so clear! I'm so glad it's over with. He can run and play outside without me worrying about him being unable to breathe. I can even tickle him without him having breathing difficulty! He's asleep right now, but I've got to check on him every hour to make sure he's not bleeding or in pain. So far, so good. 

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