Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Random Update

Zac left for Sean's tonight and won't be back until Friday evening. He started working as a valet again, so I'll only see him on weekends until we get the apartment.

The kids are in bed, probably still awake watching The Nightmare Before Christmas and I'm thinking I might work on Mom's shawl she requested, then take a bubble bath, watch That 70s Show and enjoy the quiet... the lonely, lonely quiet. Tomorrow, I'm going to take the kids to the mall and go look at lights in the park when it gets dark.

Olga sent me a Christmas card and I feel bad that I didn't send any cards to anyone this year. I even received a gift package from Katie with so many lovely things! She sent me a few books, so I'm going to read a bit in the tub later on.

Last week, Zac and I took the kids to get their picture taken with Santa and the Disney stockings  I ordered a while back finally arrived.

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