Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Thankful for...

I never really had a chance to sit and jot down what I'm thankful for this year, even though I'm thankful all the time. So I'm putting a few things here so I can look back on it.

My family: Zac, James, and Leah. I'm so incredibly lucky to have a husband who loves me the way and as much as Zac does. He's so thoughtful to me and genuinely cares about me. I've never had that before him. My children love me, which I know most children love their parents, but they actually like being around me. I'm always being hugged or kissed or snuggled by one or both of them and it's just amazing. They each have a personality that makes them fun and loving. They're best friends with each other and the four of us are so close.

My parents: They really do a lot for Zac and me and the kids. They have bought us groceries, they've paid for our car repairs, and have really taken care of us when we needed them to.

My friends: I don't have many friends. I could count the ones I consider reliable on one hand, but they're the best. They're there when I need them, even if it's through a computer. They are full of advice and opinions and honesty and creativity.

My job: I've had about ten jobs since I started working at 17, but I never felt completely happy at any of them until now.

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