Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Zac surprised me with a cake last night. He even lit candles on top, all of which James and Leah insisted on blowing out for me. This morning, he stopped by the apartment while making a delivery run and brought me a box of macarons.

I was going to buy more macarons, but had to work tonight. I forgot my birthday fell on a Tuesday this year, but I was able to roll, bake, and decorate a cake of my choice. I used the Birthday Cake batter and covered it in the Sugar Cookie sprinkles and it is probably the best-tasting cookie cake ever.

The dogs have been getting along pretty well. Ruby seems to be the dominant one and chases and/or bites Toby. Toby wants to play with her, but I think he's afraid of hurting her. He's very submissive. They're sweet when they want to be and so snuggly. I moved their cages next to each other, so Ruby has been sleeping better overnight.

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