Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Birthday, Painting, Crochet

I've been meaning to sit down and write for the past two weeks, but nothing came to mind. I would sit and type something, backspace, and close the window. I've been sad, mostly. There have been happy days, but the sad is there, simmering on the back burner, occasionally requiring a stir or two. I don't like being sad. The waves come unpredictably and I can't seem to control my emotions.

It's Zac's birthday and I shouldn't be sad, but I am. Zac's been trying to help. I miss my humor.

Zac and I visited my parents this past weekend. We stayed Friday night and left Saturday night. It was a nice visit, even though it was short. James didn't want to go back home. Leah was even brave enough to experience the water jets.

We had to return home Saturday night because I had to work Sunday morning. It was a crazy Sunday, that's for sure. I worked the morning shift, we were completely out of chocolate frosting, and I had to leave earlier than scheduled in order to get home and change, then make it to Francesca's party on time. Not to mention Leah having a tummy ache and refusing to take her medicine, but pleading to go to the party. So much chaos, but it was fun. The party was at Painting With A Twist.

We drove to Mawmaw's to pick up Ruby and I visited with Amber for a bit. She's still such a sweetheart. I just wish she didn't bring out the allergies.

I started watching Bones as a grief-distraction. I've caught up to current episodes, so after browsing new shows, I discovered New Girl and love it. I've even started crocheting again. I think I make more things for the kids' toys than for the actual kids. Leah's happy, though. She's been more interested in her doll lately, so she asked me to make a few clothing pieces and a blanket next. The blanket pictured in the background was actually made by Dad, not me.

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