Saturday, May 9, 2015

Crochet Things

I've been meaning to update, but my comfy place on the sofa is so far from the computer. I've also been crocheting like a fiend (to clear up some space in my yarn box) and binge-watching CSI: Las Vegas. Sometimes I feel like the SAHM who lays on the sofa watching soaps, but growing a little person is exhausting.

I have never been pregnant in the summer. It's still spring, but already uncomfortably hot. I was nearly ready to pop with James and Leah by now. I've still got 15 weeks to endure. It's weird how fast I got to this point, but now time is starting to slow down. When I go back to my appointment on the 20th, I'll have to take the glucose test. Luckily, I don't have to drink the concoction (I can't digest it), so Dr. W told me I can have a burger and soda before I go in. I'm thrilled! I'm also excited to have an ultrasound to see if Elias' cysts have disappeared.

Zac is working overnight all month. It's lonely, but I've got my snugglebugs. One of which lost another tooth while eating sushi. She accidentally swallowed it, but the Tooth Fairy still left a dollar.

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