Sunday, May 31, 2015

Tick Pick

Mom picked us up yesterday morning and drove us to Aunt Trish's house for a lunch gathering. I like that she has these get-togethers. When I was little, my friends would talk about family reunions and random parties, just to get family together to visit. I only remember a few Easters (until my Gommie's Alzheimer's kicked into full-gear), occasional Thanksgivings and not too many Christmases (until I had my own children). I've only been to one family reunion, but have no memory of it, only a picture.

Last time we visited, I was barely pregnant and Zac, along with Matt and Alex, brought all the kids through the woods in the backyard to a lake. I wanted to see the lake this time, even though walking long distances is becoming a challenge.

We made it to the lake, after stepping through thorny bushes, avoiding spider webs and mosquito bites, and spotting a deer. Once we stopped to take a short break, Zac noticed a few ticks on his shoes. Ticks creep me out something awful. I've been bitten twice in my life and have picked a few off Toby. I will never be okay with ticks. Upon further inspection, he not only found a few ticks crawling up his legs, but he found some on his shorts as well. James had a few crawling on him, as did Leah, and as did me. Ew ew ew ew ew.

The heat was getting to me and the ticks were disgusting, so I insisted we head back. I put Leah on my back, Zac picked up James, and we walked back to Aunt Trish's house, stopping frequently to check for ticks and so I could catch my breath. We removed any straggler ticks outside and finished visiting with family before heading home.

I bathed the kids, inspected their clothes and bodies for any creepers (I found one tiny tick on Leah's skirt) and took a two-hour shower. I officially decided I will not live in the woods Little House style ever. I would rather the beach 100%. 

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