Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Summer-y Stuff

My dad is amusing in a way that really isn't amusing... My doctor's appointment was for 9:50am. I told Dad I had to be there for 9:45am (which also tricks me into leaving earlier than usual, just in case). I told him to be at the apartment to watch the kids sometime around 9-9:15 and we would be up to let him in.

It's 8:32am: 
Dad: Im here. You awake?

Me: Just now... (I nudge Zac to wake up so he can let him in because just rolling to my side to get out of bed takes a good five minutes AND because my pumpkin of a belly is starting to resemble Cinderella's carriage). It's open.

Dad: Coming up.

It's nice of my dad to sit with my kids. He doesn't have to, but I think he enjoys getting out of the house. Plus, he really loves Zac's coffee. However, it would be nicer if he wouldn't rush over as soon as Mom gets home from work to leave him the car.

My appointment went well. Elias has a strong heartbeat and my blood pressure is still normal. I learned that I'm carrying extremely low because this is my third term-baby, which is also causing incredible hip pain, lower back pain, and rib pain. All normal, according to Dr. W. All I can do is lean back to take some of the edge off, but I'm just going to get heavier and achier until delivery.


Zac and I brought the kids to get snowballs from Bop's Frozen Custard, then went to the local playground. Leah taught herself how to swing (finally!) on the big kid swing and was overjoyed with herself. "This is the best day ever! It's even better than ice cream!" James even conquered the tall tunnel slide.

I think tomorrow, we will conquer the swimming pool.

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