Tuesday, August 18, 2015

One Week Later (Kinda)

My littlest pumpkin is already (over) a week old, O.M.G. The newborn-ness has taken some getting-used-to, but we're figuring things out, slowly but surely. I am less awkward now that my belly isn't so huge, but my bones are still sore as well as my boobs. Sorry, TMI.

I've started getting school stuff ready for September. I'm probably more excited than the kids are, but it's only because I've got everything organized. I still need to get to Party City and buy little trinkets for the prize box, as well as stickers. Tons and tons of stickers.

The weather is slowly turning cooler, so James and Leah have been playing outside every day. Our pool is drained for now, so imagination is taking over. I bought James a Frisbee and Leah a hula hoop, so they aren't completely bored in our barren back yard. I started bringing Elias outside and find that it calms him when he's fussy.

I wish there was more to say, but I'm sleep-deprived and my days are all out of order.

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