Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Bath & School

Another micro-blog post:

Zac created a super-awesome phone case for me. He printed out the picture online and colored it in, cropping it to fit around my camera and speaker. By far, the best case ever... and it's Loki. It's practically impossible to find anything Loki.

I gave Elias his first bath last night since his umbilical stump finally dropped off. The fresh, clean baby smell is adorable. He was quite content and I only got peed on.

I start teaching again next week. I'm looking forward to the routine. We've had a very, very, very long break. Five months! I miss teaching, to be honest. I miss the schedule and the quiet concentration. Now that the school/play room is ready, I've just got to keep my Kindle charged and have a pile of yarn to play with and I'll be set to sit with them. Elias has a cozy spot by the window to nap and I found a cabinet in the garage that will be a nice place to store toys and hold the TV so there will be more floor space. I've also decided to go to Party City and Hobby Lobby this weekend to get the prize-rewards and crafts. Fall is happening, so I'm excited to buy all the things pick out autumn-themed art projects.

A little bit Elsa, a little bit Merida
Tiny, mysterious eggs

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