Thursday, September 17, 2015

Baby Shower & Anxiety

I had my first baby shower a few weeks ago. I woke up late that Sunday morning, skipping church because Elias isn't on a predictable schedule just yet. The warm puddle of pee in my bed where he lay must have been sufficient to keep us both comatose long enough for painful milk-engorgement.

I had never wanted showers (engagement, bridal, etc.) because I don't like being the center of attention. Social events, in general, freak me out. When there is a gathering like a wedding, funeral, or shower, I try to avoid going or I get drunk enough to not care. However, I got to know quite a few ladies at the church. Even though they barely know me, they showed me so much kindness. Among the adorable clothes and much-needed items, I was given a baby crib. The crib made me emotional. One of the ladies covered my eyes and a few others brought it out, along with a changing table. I was so overwhelmed! The crib transitions to a toddler bed and, eventually, a twin bed. A crib was the only thing I really needed for when Elias is too big for the bassinet. It even matches the wood color of the bunk beds.

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