Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Louisiana trip

Last minute, Zac and I decided to take a trip to Louisiana over the weekend. Jessie invited us to Orrin's 6th birthday party, so our trip was short but sweet. We rented a car and arrived at Sean's late Saturday night, exhausted. I forgot how tricky traveling with a baby is. Frequent stops for feedings and diaper changes never gets old... Sunday, we spent most of the day in New Orleans. We stopped at the Disney Store to kill time and buy things before heading to the birthday party. I carried Elias in my Moby wrap, which is probably the best thing I've purchased for a baby ever. He slept like a snug bug without making a peep the whole time. Why-oh-why didn't I get one when my big kids were tiny???

We went to Orrin's Pokemon-themed birthday party. Jessie baked the cutest Squirtle cake and themed cookies. The kids had a fun time pinning the tail on Pikachu and eating pizza.

We finished our day with a trip to the Riverwalk for treats. I don't think we've been for a few years. It's been remodeled.

Monday, we headed to Marie's so she could see Elias and the kids could play with Francesca. She usually remembers to take pictures while I don't, so I had to take this one from her Instagram. The kids didn't want to go home. They were running around the playroom, doing handstands and flips, trying to see who was strongest.

We didn't get home til around 2am this morning! I was able to make it (on time!) to my appointment at the high school for 8:30. The kids have both been registered as homeschoolers. I've got to get their lesson started before I fall asleep. Hopefully, there's a nap in the near future since my coffee isn't working.

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