Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas 2015

Happy holidays!

It was truly a Christmas miracle that I woke up, able to breathe through my nose. We had a wet Christmas, not a white one. Such is the south... My littlest sugarplum kept us up late, but one can't resist smooching such a sweet face.

We kept our Christmas Eve tradition of opening the stockings, but I let the kids open one gift for both of them: the Guess Who? board game. I loved it when I was a kid, but never owned it. Luckily, I spent most weekends at friends' houses and discovered a love of board games and jigsaw puzzles. I had a terrible time coming up with stocking stuffers, but thanks to Pinterest, I was able to keep it simple. I think the kids had a great Christmas. They even got new bikes from Santa and Pikmin toys like they wanted.

I sneaked up on Santa eating cookies.

The day after Christmas, we went to my Aunt Mavis' house in Toomsooba. I drove the Buick, my parents squished beside me in the front, while my kids sat in the back. I have vowed to always always always take my own car from now on. Too much side-seat driving while I'm listening to my GPS, too much talking, too much of everything... for over an hour! Absolutely horrible. It was a nice visit with Mom's side of the family, though. But then I had to drive home with the parents... Ahh! Zac had to work, so he couldn't come. Emily and Alex also worked.

Back row: Molly Leah C., Josh, Seth holding Axel
Front row: Wes, James holding Elias, Luke, Leah W.
Me, Meredith, Britney, Rodney, Kim, Matt
Mom, Dad, Granny, Aunt Mavis, Uncle John, Aunt Trish, Papaw.
Mom gave me a candle last week. It's one of those jewelry candles where you melt it down until you get to the jewelry. Meredith used to buy castle-shaped candles that had money in them. I finally got mine down far enough to scoop the foil out and collected a ring worth $30-$40. It's a topaz on a silver band, so I decided to keep it as topaz is my birthstone.

I'm glad the holidays are over and I can start getting things back together. Come January, my family is going to start eating better and spend more time outside. I'm going to start cooking again and maybe even get myself a part-time job. I'll also be on a weightloss/fitness journey, so there's a chance it'll be in the blog. Yikes!

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