Sunday, December 6, 2015

Holidays and Parade

This year for pictures with Santa, I felt a little disappointed that we weren't living in Louisiana. James and Leah sat on the same Santa's lap for their first Christmas pictures, even though they were three years apart. Zac and I first brought the kids to Bass Pro Shop Friday morning since we got a good deal last year. Santa wouldn't arrive until later that evening, so we looked at the fish and the assortment of taxidermy and decided to go elsewhere. We headed to the mall and were the only ones in line (for the first time ever). The pictures were hard to choose from, but we settled on the one where all the kids had their eyes open without making a goofy face. I was highly impressed that Elias didn't cry. Since Saturday was National Cookie Day, we stopped by Great American Cookies in the mall to pick out a few. I sometimes miss that place...


Friday night, we helped decorate a parade float on a trailer for the Pearl Christmas Parade with some people from the church. It was a Charlie Brown Christmas theme. We were to meet up with everyone at the baseball field at 7:20am Saturday morning in order to ride on the trailer to the location where the floats line up. All the kids wore character masks. James and Leah were Charlie and Sally. My poor babies were freezing cold and tired. I had set an alarm for 6am. Elias usually wakes up around 5am to nurse, so while I was feeding him, I dozed back off. I woke up with a start at 7am and I felt like I was in Home Alone in the scene where everyone is rushing around like headless chickens. Luckily, we weren't the only ones running late and we made it to the line-up on time. I carried Elias in the wrap and walked beside the float for about a mile until my right side started to cramp up. I had to ride the last mile on the trailer. I discovered my handbag fell off the trailer at some point and was run over, so the bottle I had for Elias broke and soaked the inside of my bag. All the diapers were ruined, but at least I thought to put my phone in my pocket. Phew!

It's been a busy few weeks. We bought a Christmas tree and a train set last week. Mom had some old ornaments in a box, so we didn't need to get new ones. I've always wanted a nice train set for under the tree. There was one in Disney World and another themed for The Polar Express. I would absolutely love a Hogwarts train, but alas, they are expensive/hard to find. I found a really great one at Lowes and it was easy to assemble. I'm totally digging the holidays right now, as much as I hate the plethora of humans everywhere. Toby and Ruby haven't even tried to drink the tree water.

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  1. I'm glad that Ya'll were busy and that the kids have enjoyed the experience! Sorry about your bag and the bottle. I'm glad that you are enjoying the holidays so far, I'm not but that's a whole other story! Love you boo and miss ya'll!