Saturday, December 12, 2015

Louisiana Trip

Two weeks until Christmas. I don't feel ready at all. I mean, I'm ready as far as it's expected and the gifts are waiting to be wrapped, but I'm not ready for this year to be over. When I was a kid, Christmas took a century to arrive from one year to the next. Now, I blink and my babies are no longer babies, Santa is lurking around the corners, and there's one more gray hair to pull from my eyebrows. Elias is now four months old. He isn't as fussy as he was last month. Now, he cries when he's hungry (which is almost always), tired, or needs a diaper change. He laughs, and when he does, I forget that he cries. 

Wednesday was killer-stress. Zac made a to-pack list, James washed laundry, and I packed our bags for the trip. Elias had to get his second round of vaccinations, so he was coping with a fever Wednesday night. I took the kids to church for 6 so they could practice their Christmas songs, then I stayed for choir practice (I miss singing and soprano is getting harder). Zac had to work til 1am and I stayed awake until 4am trying to rock Elias and monitor his fever. I wanted to be up at 8am on Thursday morning so we could get to Sean's before lunch. However, I fell asleep around 5am in my bed and didn't wake up until 10am. Oh well. We left the house at 2. After stopping for gas and food, plus dealing with traffic, we made it to Sean's around 6. 

We went to Slidell on Friday and walked around the very barren mall. Most of the stores closed or went out of business. It's a shame. Books-A-Million is still there, which is nice since it was my most favorite place to spend my 30-minute lunch break when I worked at Bath & Body Works. I found a few books I want to read (mostly based on the covers) as well as some ideas for the big kids' Christmas Kindles. I also found Mom a religious coffee tumbler (something she's been hinting at). After walking from one side to the other, we left the mall and went to visit Mawmaw. She held Elias and he just laughed for her, even chuckling. It was so precious. I learned that my dear husband used to cry just as much as our little baby. Fancy that.

Amber is still alive and well and so sweet. She was outside on the driveway and was purring and chirping at me. I miss her so much and wish we could take her home. Zac and James have horrible allergies and it wouldn't be fair to them. Mawmaw is taking good care of her, though. 

We headed to Marie's to visit for a bit. She brought out some giant gingerbread man cookies for the kids to decorate. James was just saying recently how he misses visiting her because she always seems to have crafts to do, though more specifically, edible crafts.

We spent one last night at Sean's to watch Ant Man and eat banana's foster. Zac and James came home with horrible allergies. I helped Zac unload the car and he went to nap before working tonight at 7. I won't see him until 5am tomorrow. The kids and I went to church tonight to practice the Christmas music. Tomorrow, the kids are singing with the choir (I even joined for the cantata). It's a bit weird... I haven't really been involved in the church (or any church, for that matter). I'm exhausted and I've gotta get these kids in the bed.

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