Saturday, April 16, 2016


Zac took us to the music store to look at some instruments. He's been wanting some new bass strings and I like touching the ukuleles and tuning them when they sound like nightmares.

Leah wanted every single thing she saw.

L: OOH, drums! Can I have these?
A: Where are we going to put drums?
L: I dunno. What about just a drumstick?
A: What?
L: Wow, what's this?
A: Bongos.
L: I love bongos, Can we get these? Or just this little one?
A: Maybe next time.
L: Can I have this piano? We could put it in the den!
L. What about a guitar?
A: Maybe, if we can find one small enough for you.
A: Ukuleles.
L: I need the blue one. NEEEEEED IT.

I figured I'd teach her to play it, even though she's a lefty. I tuned it upside down and she sits in front of me to mirror my moves. So far, she's learned chords C, A, and G and she's got the strum down. I may have also bought myself a new, much tinier ukulele.

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