Thursday, June 9, 2016

Elias, 10 months

My littlest pumpkin is 10 months old now. He can stand alone for a few seconds, but still insists crawling is faster. Part of me knows once he's able to walk, he'll be into every type of mischief, but the other part is looking forward to another milestone. He loves taking baths. I've run water for myself while he was on the floor in the bedroom and he crawls so fast into the bathroom to pull up on the tub and squeal. He splashes and loves being in the water. Getting him out is definitely a chore. Recently, I've been letting him play on the big kids' Slip-n-Slide naked. He loves it. Right now, he's got six teeth, almost seven. He likes Little Einsteins and Strawberry Shortcake, all foods except peaches and peas. I've been letting him have bits of whatever we're eating. He's in size 4 diapers and gives the tightest hugs after naps, likes going outside to swing and will point at what he wants or where he wants to go. Sometimes he calls, "Daaaaaaad" when he doesn't see Zac for a while. He makes quiet excited faces, as if he's screaming, but no sound comes out. He's a sweetie pie for sure and a fun shopping buddy. Did I mention he started (sometimes) sleeping through the night?