Sunday, June 19, 2016

Father's Day 2016

Aunt Trish invited us to a family gathering for Father's Day this year. I like that she's been hosting these visits. She set up a sprinkler and we brought foods. I baked a cake and decorated it, which gives me gratitude for the experience at GAC. I gotta say, I did okay.

I saw an idea on Pinterest about painting a giant D from Hobby Lobby for Father's Day. I couldn't decide if we should get a Z or a D, but the kids call him "Dad", not "Zac." Elias was obviously thrilled to get his picture taken. We do love this guy, though. So so much. He's awesome.

Mom took us out to eat this evening at a pizza place called Soulshine Pizza Factory. Almost as good as Mellow Mushroom. I did like the music, though. Very blues-rock, my current favorite genre. My kids were on their best behavior, even choosing to sit together and away from us so they could talk about Pokemon.

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