Thursday, June 30, 2016

The End Of June

The hottest of hot months is approaching. I told Mom this is our chance to get to the mountains for a vacation this year, but that crazy woman is still thinking the beach would be more fun. We'll see. Maybe for the fall. Meanwhile, the summer is wrapping up and another year of homeschooling is coming up. I need to start looking at books and decide of we're going to continue with A Beka or go with something else. Zac is leaning towards the Time4Learning, but I'm so used to the A Beka curriculum, that anything else overwhelms me. I'm researching, though.

Mom and I have been getting along pretty well lately. She's been asking me for help with decorating the house and painting her bathroom and bedroom. It's actually got me into thinking about the possibility of going back to college to study interior design or even architecture. I'm not getting serious about it any time soon. Elias is still a baby and I don't want to stick him in daycare. Maybe if he goes to Kindergarten or I figure out night school, it's something I could try.

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