Monday, December 12, 2016

Christmas Cantata

The Christmas cantata The Arrival was last night. I woke up with a sore throat on Saturday morning, but my voice had cleared up enough for me to perform my solo without any squeaks or creaks. Sunday morning, I was hoarse. I skipped morning church and sipped honey tea all day, sucked on peppermints, and willed my voice to come back.

I had lined up a back-up, just in case, named Andrea. She's a high-soprano with a crystal clear voice. Last week, I told her I was finding my voice cracking a bit, so to learn the solo in the event I couldn't sing it. Sure enough, two songs into the cantata, my voice shut off to nothing more than a whisper. She sang it beautifully, of course, but part of me was disappointed that I couldn't do it.

We ate junk food in the fellowship hall after the music. The kids filled up on cookies and meatballs and we headed home.

Today, I'm super raspy and drowsy from my concoction of elixirs. Hopefully, I'm better by the weekend. We're planning to go to Louisiana to see some of Zac's family for the holidays.

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