Friday, December 23, 2016

Tattoos, crochet, and holidays

I've got my voice back, though I'm stuck with an annoying cough. But at least I'm feeling better and it hasn't spread to any of the kiddos.

Most of the month has been spent crocheting Christmas stockings and getting last-minute gifts purchased and put away. We've put all the wrapped gifts in the sun room instead of in the den by the big tree. I just don't want the cat getting into the paper as he's been getting into the tree. He's quite the asshole brat.

Zac and I made a trip to Louisiana to visit some friends and family. Our original plan was to pick up Amber and bring her home so I could take care of her until she passed. Unfortunately, I was informed she had died back in August. I was devastated to say the least. She was 16 and I wanted to be there, but had no idea the whole time that she was already gone. Apparently, Zac's aunt posted it on Facebook, but neither Zac nor I check Facebook... I don't think I'm even friends with that aunt. I'm still sad, but getting through it. Having no closure is really taking a toll on me. So, there's that. I hate that she's gone.

Being in Louisiana was nice, aside from no cat. We stayed with Sean as always and were able to visit Zac's family. Mawmaw is doing well. Her hair is growing back since losing it from the chemo. We visited with Marie and the kids played with Francesca. Marie had an edible craft ready to make, so the kids made hot chocolate mugs out of marshmallows and other candy before exchanging gifts.

We headed across the lake to see Jessie to get matching scorpion tattoos, which was also Zac's first tattoo ever. Together, they make a heart. Zac had doodled the idea years ago when we were dating, so in celebration of our ten years of marriage, it was time to do something special. I love them.

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