Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Emily came over, so we picked up some lunch and headed to the park with the kids. It was cooler than we anticipated. I had told the kiddos not to worry about bringing a sweater as the weather said 70s, but alas, it was in the 60s when we got to the park. Oh well. The kids played for a bit and we headed to Walmart so I could buy some shoes and socks for Elias. He's outgrowing everything so fast. Then, we went to the pond to see the ducks. Zac and I used to bring James and Leah to the pond often when they were little, but apparently the water wasn't deep enough, so over the past few months it's been drained, dug up to make it deeper, then refilled. I'd have taken more pictures, but my phone died after only a few.

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