Tuesday, February 14, 2017


The past few weeks have been crazy with stress and worry over the youngest of our brood. Mom had the weekend of the 3rd off, so she offered to babysit the kids as a "thank you" for watching over Dad. Zac and I planned a date to see the new Resident Evil movie and maybe grab some sushi. James was keeping an eye on Elias while I was getting ready and I suddenly heard Elias screaming. I hurried to check on him and was told he tripped and hit his nose against the wall of his play yard. I consoled him and set him back down, but he started screaming again (not uncommon with Elias when he wants to be held). I finished getting ready, then held him while I waited for Zac to get home. I tried to let the him walk around, but when he stood up, his knees buckled and he started screaming again. I checked his legs, but didn't see any swelling, even though he's got chunky baby fat. Zac came home and Elias wouldn't walk or stand without collapsing in pain so we decided to take him to the emergency room.

After the first ER trip, we were told he had no "bone abnormalities" and we were sent home. He was still refusing to stand or put weight on his right foot, wouldn't let us touch his ankle, and woke up early the next morning in pain. We took him to a different ER for a second opinion and had a second x-ray (since the first ER refused to send the previous x-ray over) and were told by three different techs and doctors that there were no broken bones at all. However, he did have a confirmed sprained ankle. They didn't wrap his ankle as he's a mobile toddler and the wrap would only cause more discomfort. We were told to give him Ibuprofen for two days and follow up with his pediatrician. He had an appointment today, which worked out well.

Dr. Y inspected his ankle at his 18-month checkup this morning and said his ankle doesn't feel swollen and should start improving in a week. He's growing on schedule, gaining weight as he should, and is alread 2.5 feet high. He had his last dose of vaccinations, so he won't be needing anymore until 2019 (phew!).

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