Saturday, February 11, 2017

Family Outing

Saturdays have become my favorite days as of lately. Zac's been getting us out of the house and we've been spending quality time together with the kids as a family. Today, we hung out in Jackson to check out the Highland Village shopping center where Zac hung a few banners. It reminded me of being at Epcot in Disney World as far as the stoned sidewalk and general look of the shops goes. Quite fancy. The kids wanted some treats, so we picked out gourmet popsicles from Deep South Pops.

We stopped by PetsMart on the way home to check out the fish and furry critters. There were actual scorpions at the Jackson PetsMart. James wanted us to buy one, but #nothanks. We're probably going to buy a Betta fish in the future. I miss having one... I'm sure Fig will be ecstatic.

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