Monday, October 28, 2013

Mississippi Trip, New Addition

Zac and I spent the weekend at my parents' house. It was so cold Friday night when we arrived, so Mom let us turn on her fireplace. Rachel is spending some time with her mom, so she and the two boys weren't there, but the kids were happy to play with Abbi. The poor girl has both arms broken from having a nasty fall at school about a week ago. She doesn't have a cast like James', so she can move both arms just fine.

We had a great visit, even though Dad lost himself in a book. Neither cable nor Internet was working, so we just hung out. I didn't mind, to be honest. Emily and I spent a lot of time together.

I sent Alex and Zac to the grocery on Saturday morning to pick up our traditional OctoberFeast needs and spent most of the day with Emily baking and cooking. Even the kids participated. Dad brought our car to get it fixed and spent more than enough of his own money, somewhat to my disapproval. I told him that we were going to fix it ourselves with Zac's bonus at the end of the month, but I think he feels more at peace that he was able to witness it for himself. Since Zac didn't help with cooking, I had him bathe the kids for me. James loved Mom's bathtub, but Leah freaked out when the jets were turned on. Meanwhile, Abbi braided my hair. She taught herself how to do all sorts of different braids.

Emily finally finished her Harley Quinn costume and let Zac take pictures of her for her Facebook page. He also took a few fall pictures of the kids and some anniversary pictures of Emily and Alex. Alex took a few of Zac and me since we haven't really had a picture of just us taken in so long.

James was stung on his foot by a bee Sunday morning, so our trip back home was postponed about an hour so he could be monitored in case he was allergic. Luckily, he's not, but he was in pain for quite a while. I'm not even sure what happened. One minute he's on the trampoline, begging me to throw a giant beach ball at him and even though I told him to keep his shoes on, he trotted through the grass in his socks to get the ball. The next thing I hear is him shouting "Ouch!" over and over. It looked as though he was poked with a stick or something, but after a few minutes, he started crying and the spot was swollen. It was a crazy few minutes trying to find baking soda in the very unorganized kitchen, while the cable guy was trying to fix the cable with James screeching in the background.

I told my parents goodbye and thanks for fixing the car and we headed to southern Mississippi to meet with a woman named Cynthia and pick up our new addition. Her name is Ruby and she's half-pug, half-Boston terrier. She whines when she needs to poop, so it's convenient when figuring out when she needs to go out. She also likes to snuggle, which is awesome for me. It's therapeutic, in a way, having her and taking care of her. Ruby woke me up every two hours last night, which is about like a newborn. I changed her puppy pads and shushed her back to sleep for the next two hours. She doesn't replace the baby I lost, but she does fill the void and gives my maternal longing a satisfying outlet.

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