Saturday, October 12, 2013

Pumpkins and Cakes

Zac and I brought the kids on our usual Saturday errands. We stopped at PetsMart and picked out a baby Betta, a multicolored dragon scale breed. It's much smaller than the ones we've had in the past, so I'm hoping for a longer life-span. Bettas are my absolute favorite fish.

We drove around looking for pumpkin patches and found a nice one with fair prices. The kids picked out their own and I found a small one for Baby. I don't think we're carving them, but they make cute centerpieces. I'm going to Walmart later this week to buy larger pumpkins to carve.

I brought the kids with me to the Pregnancy Center yesterday so we could watch one of the many videos lined up for us until 30 weeks. If I watch all the videos, I can qualify for a free, brand new car seat and base (which we really need). The videos are educational and James has become more curious about the whole process of baby-making. Well, babies coming out, to be specific. We haven't had to talk about what actual sex is yet. I'm not sugar-coating anything, but I'm not giving him graphic details either.

I'm waiting to hear back from my insurance so I can set up my first prenatal appointment. I check for blood every time I use the bathroom, just in case. I might be paranoid, but it's a realistic possibility. I know Baby's in there, every time I feel sick or tired or hungry and it's reassuring. A heartbeat would be even more reassuring, though.

Meanwhile, I haven't been posting my cakes, so here's a ton:

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