Saturday, March 9, 2013

Childhood Memories

Zac and I drove to his dad's house so I could go through some childhood belongings I left there. Most items were covered in rodent mess, so it's garbage, but I managed to salvage a few stuffed animals and some dolls. It was weird seeing things I had forgotten about, like my box of Backstreet Boy memorabilia... Zac thinks it's terrible, but he was never a teenage girl. It was just weird seeing the shirts and pins and VHS tapes of concerts and recorded videos from MTV. I brought home my complete set of Kids Meal toys from Burger King and washed them off. I remembered Dad stopping by Burger King on his way home from work multiple times a week to check and see which ones were available. Other times, we'd drive to the different Burger Kings in the area, checking each one for a certain Boy. He even waited outside a Ticketmaster in a sleeping bag so he could purchase concert tickets for me and some friends. My dad's pretty awesome.

Jena and Quinn stopped by to hang out. We played a long, excruciating game of Uno and ate some of Zac's most delicious homemade French bread pizza. It felt like old times when we lived at our other apartment and they came over on the weekends to play Clue.

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