Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Weather Temperatures

The weather has been driving me crazy! One day it's hot, the next it's cold. I'm so ready for winter to be over. I want to enjoy the pool and wear sandals and eat snowballs. But once summer comes, watch me wish for fall.

Our balcony has been pressure-washed, so the kiddos played with some chalk and drew pictures all over. I didn't consider chalky footprints (and paw prints) scattered through the house, though.

We visited Kyle at Josh and Erika's over the weekend. The guys played music while Erika and I chatted about pets and food and babies.

I worked a floorset Sunday night. I'm only scheduled for floorsets right now, so I can't cover anyone's call-in shifts. Zac found a job listing for a cookie-decorating job on Craigslist, so I emailed the manager and she gave me an interview. I think it's promising, but the job doesn't start until May. Stacey (the manager) is supposed to call me this weekend to let me know if I've got the job or not. I wouldn't mind decorating cookies... It sounds like it could be fun.

The kiddos have been super crazy this week. Lots of sass, but lots of sweet. I've been trying to encourage them to draw and work puzzles with me, but they'll fight over the only black crayon or who gets to put the last piece of the puzzle into place. I think they're bored. Pinterest is full of things, so I'm gonna spice things up.

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