Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter 2013: Ms

This morning was interesting. The kids woke up before Zac and me and went into my parents' room. Dad brought them and Abbi to the downstairs lobby for breakfast while we (and Mom) slept. After a little while, both of my kids were knocking on our door to get in. ALONE. I had a tiny panic-attack, but Dad said he told them to wait for him while he threw their plates away and they sneaked away up the stairs. The proved themselves not to be trusted and I gave them the "stranger danger" speech. I flipped the latch on the upper part of the door to prevent them from leaving our room, telling them to stay in my parents' room until Zac and I came back from breakfast. When we came back up, the door connecting our two rooms was shut and there was no doorknob between the doors and I forgot I had latched the upper bolt. We were unable to get into our room, so we had to call a maintenance man to use a crafty little device to flip the latch. Dad was super impressed.

We made it to Aunt Trish's house this afternoon. She has a gorgeous house with a huge backyard, surrounded by trees. The kids ran around the yard, I hung out with my all-grown-up cousins, Christina and Anna, and visited with Emily and Alex. The kids hunted eggs until it started raining, so Zac and I told everyone goodbye and we headed home.

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