Monday, March 4, 2013

Ups and Downs

Sean brought his steam-cleaner over and cleaned our carpets for us. The texture is much better, but the carpet in my bedroom still has a strange odor, like a wet dog. Febreeze is only a temporary fix, so I'm going to have to buy some wallflower bulbs from B&BW to hide the smell.

I've unpacked a lot more this week. Most of my boxes have been consolidated and everything is organized. I'm doing Pilates again. I was making progress before I stopped and I need to get back into it. There are always 10 minutes in a day that can be used for working out. My scale has been hurting my feelings, probably deliberately.

Zac's hours are getting cut from 40 to 20, so that's a real glass-half-empty deal. I didn't get the sales lead position at B&BW in Slidell because I don't have any management experience. I'm still able to transfer to Slidell, but I can only help with floorsets until something else opens up. Basically, I'm driving 30 minutes out of town so I can work four hours and then drive 30 minutes back home. It's not worth it, but I don't want to leave the company. The Mandeville store said to call back in April, but April is a little too far away for us right now.

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