Friday, March 29, 2013

Family Visits

Mom invited us to a family gathering in Mississippi over the weekend at my Aunt Trish's house. She rented us a hotel room in Meridian. Mom, Dad and Abbi are sharing an adjoining room to Zac's and mine. We tried to leave early this morning to we could visit Granny before checking into our hotel, but our morning didn't go as planned. I forgot I silenced my phone while playing Bingo and tucked it under my pillow for the night, so I didn't hear my alarm buzzing. I did, however, wake up to James telling me the floor outside my bedroom was wet. Toby had peed in the hallway, which James and Leah both stepped in and tracked yucky little footprints all over the house. I washed their feet in the bathroom sink while Zac cleaned the carpets and floor with hand-sanitizer because (naturally) we are completely out of disinfectant spray! I wasn't home until after midnight from working last night, so I went to bed instead of packing, thinking I'd be up early and have plenty of time.

We finally left our apartment around noon and drove to Granny's. The visit was brief since our check-in was at 3pm and we were creeping up on 2:30. Did I mention our GPS got us lost?

Zac picked up lunch and we spent a few hours swimming in the heated indoor pool and even relaxed in the jacuzzi until dinner. Mom took us out to Sake Sushi for dinner. James and Leah love hibachi, probably more than pizza. They were so good and nobody lost any eyebrows from the flames.


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