Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Elias 7 months

Seven months old. James keeps reminding me that "it won't be long until he's one!"

He eats everything he can get his little hands on. Right now, he's eating stage-two baby foods. Applesauce is still a favorite, as is strawberry yogurt melts. He crawls on hands and knees, though sometimes I think he wants to go faster than he's able and ends up falling onto his face and belly. He's trying to pull/push himself up onto his knees (I'm assuming it's the first sign of wanting to walk really bad). He's super grabby. I can't put him within anything arm's-reach because he'll scoop it up. Hobby Lobby is a danger zone. I'm still breastfeeding, usually three or four times a day, depending on when he wants to nurse, and he wakes up to nurse between 1 and 3am every night. He blows raspberries at me, loves bath time (kicking his feet so hard that the water splashes everywhere), and really enjoys Zac's lazer pointer... just like the dogs. He's not liking the wrap so much anymore, twisting around to face forward and free his arms. I guess it's time to let him ride in the shopping carts. We're dealing with separation anxiety right now, but Ms. Rita from church is the only person non-family who he'll reach for willingly. Other than that, he's happy to smile at everyone from a distance while safely in my arms. He's not saying much, but "Hey!" is popular. He says "hey" to everything, especially Toby and Ruby, or to Zac if he hasn't seen him all day. Leah makes him laugh the hardest, but James takes all the really good snuggles.

An update on his rash: it's cleared up almost completely. Tomorrow is his last day for the oral medicine and I'll continue with the topical until it's gone.

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