Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter 2016

Happy Easter!

Fun story. Easter sneaked up on us this year. I bought three baskets at Hobby Lobby and shopped at Target for the initial charms, then bounced to Walmart for Pez dispensers and Tsum Tsum mystery packs.

Last night, maybe around 11pm, I realized I had no eggs or candy or grass. I hopped in the car and made a midnight run to Walmart to get the last minute things and came back home to get the baskets ready. Since Elias is too little for mystery packs and candy, the Easter Bunny left him a plush Tsum Tsum and a few eggs filled with Puffs and yogurt melts. I love the tiny baskets. It rained, so the eggs were hidden in the house, but I think the kiddos had more fun that way.

I sang a solo in the Easter cantata at church and was told I did well. Never again, though. My anxiety was through the roof. My do-something-scary is checked off for the year.

Sour watermelon Peep. Gross!

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