Monday, March 7, 2016

So many things...

It's been a rough month. A good, spring-y, warm-yet-chilly, allergy-infested month.

My throat has been itching every day since March began, quite literally. When my throat itches, I sneeze. When I sneeze, it's not just one tiny "chew" sneeze. No, that would be fair. Instead, I blast out (obnoxiously, mind you) at least 15 double-sneezes "ah-chew, chew" to the point where I can't breathe and my eyes are watering and any liquid I was trying to hold steadily is painted on my clothes or a sleeping baby is abruptly awoken, startled, and thus crying. I loathe pollen (almost as I loathe being told "bless you" for every. single. sneeze). I love being outside. I could say I love Benadryl, but I do not love the side-effects of Benadryl because once my sinuses clear enough for me to breathe without dripping something onto someone, I slip into a medicated coma and am utterly useless until the side-effects wear off.

On the topic of allergies: Elias broke into a rash Saturday afternoon. I assumed it was a heat rash as he had the small red scattered bumps on his back and neck and we were outside on a blanket. Sunday morning, he had what looked like hives. I debated taking him to the emergency room, but he didn't appear to be itching, had no fever, and was acting like Normal Elias. Last night, the rashes were getting bigger and raised, warm to the touch, and just awful-looking. I took him to the doctor this morning to get him examined and he has Fifth Disease, which sounds horribly frightening. Luckily, it's merely a virus, the rest of us haven't caught it, and it runs a gentle, though ugly, course. I've got a topical and oral medication to administer every day for the next week and I'm hoping it clears up quickly. Dr. Y said, "It looks much worse than it is." Skin-to-skin contact or warm baths will make the rash look darker, but as long as he's behaving like usual, there aren't any concerns.

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