Sunday, March 13, 2016

St. Patrick's Day Parade

Zac and I planned a trip to Louisiana a while back. We were going to leave Wednesday (the 16th), but I discovered the St. Patrick's parade would be the Sunday prior to our departure. Luckily, he was able to switch with a co-worker and we left Saturday instead.

I woke the kids early this morning, texted Jessie to find out our meet-up plans, then we headed across the lake, dressed in green. Most of March has been nothing but rain, thunderstorms, and major flooding for us here in the south. We were excited that today was a breezy, sunny, afternoon. We met up with Jessie at her place, packed some snacks, and covered ourselves in sunscreen, then left to find a parking spot within walking distance to the parade route. I found us an unoccupied bench, perfect for the kiddos to stand on to see everything, next to a tall fence for shade. We caught a bunch of potatoes and carrots, a few cabbages and lemons, and so many beads (which we left behind). Jessie and I received a few drunken kisses in exchange for silk flowers, which we gave to Leah. Elias slept most of the time, only waking once or twice from being startled by loud music.

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