Saturday, May 14, 2016

James is TEN!

A decade (omg) ago, I gave birth to my first baby. I was a bit emotional today, realizing that the baby stage really does vanish overnight into a toddler, which vanishes into big kids, then adults, etc. He was just a tiny baby, like, yesterday, and now he's less than halfway an adult. Unreal. As much as I'm ready for Elias to communicate in a language that isn't Cryloudish or Whineconstantlese, I know it'll soon be over and I'll be baking my last cake for a last 10-year-old.

Note: Elias is wearing the same outfit James did on his first birthday.

James requested a birthday breakfast of beignets, so Zac fried them up while I took a bath. I pulled a prank on my Bud, convincing him he was not, in fact, getting a computer for his birthday. All he's wanted since Christmas is a computer of his very own, something he can play games on or do school with, even start up his own journal like Mama. I bought a Slip n' Slide from Walmart about a month ago. It came in a slightly heavy square box, similar to that of a computer. I had James close his eyes and tell me what he thought it was. "A computer?" he asked, hopefully. After opening his eyes and realizing it was just an outdoor water toy, I could see the disappointment. However, he was such a good sport. He thanked Zac and me anyway, gave us a hug and I told him he could play on it with Leah later this evening. I felt terribly, by the way. I mean, I know he likes little pranks, but as his mama, my heart broke for him a little.

We headed to the science museum, a surprise to James, though Leah knew and kept it super secret. The last time we went was back in 2012. We walked the hiking trail and saw two snakes in their too-close-for-comfort natural habitat, then took our time browsing all the propped animals and insects and fish. Elias was surprisingly quiet for the visit, observing everything. Since it was James' birthday, a cashier at the gift shop let him pick out a free critter. He had the option of choosing one big one or two small ones, so he chose two small insects (an ant and a butterfly) and gave the butterfly to Leah. Cue heart-explosion.


Mom treated us to lunch at Olive Garden and James was given a free dessert (chocolate lasagna!), which he shared with all of us. His reason was that it was "too rich" and he was saving room for macarons and birthday cake. My parents headed home after lunch while Zac brought us to La Brioche to pick out the macarons. The big kids picked out pina colada Chaja cakes and an assortment of macaron flavors. The raspberry is still my absolute favorite. It's hard to top it.

After we arrived at the house, I decided it was time to give James his computer gift before sending him out to play with Leah in the water. I set the computer box in a chair and had him go near it to move things around and the poor dude didn't even notice it until he practically sat on it, hah! He opened it and almost cried, he was so happy. As bad as I felt for tricking him, I think it was worth it for his priceless reaction.

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