Friday, May 6, 2016

Kiddos: brag post

I'm lucky I have the kids I have. While I may get stressed out now and then, I do realize that they're pretty great. I'm biased, of course, but seriously... With my big kids, I never have to trick them to eat their vegetables. They love all of them. They love fruit. Leah has a sweet tooth, but doesn't throw a fit if she's denied a sugar fix. I never had to deal with public tantrums (they saved them for the privacy of our own home, lucky for me, as no one ever believed me, haha). 

I never had to baby-proof anything. They both just stayed on the play mat, occupied with their toys. While I get sass once in a while, they're so loving and thoughtful and affectionate. They go to bed when they're told, though they do procrastinate to ask questions or tell me some random fact about Pokemon, but it's not a struggle. Elias, I'm sure will make me come back to this entry and edit a few notes. He's very much showing signs of mischief. With lights-and-sounds toys scattered around him, he'd rather chew on a safety pin. If he has something that makes music, he wants a box. But he's so intelligent. He knows exactly what he wants and does not want the generic version. He clings to me, and while it may be exhausting, I know one day he'll push me away. And he's funny! He has a sense of humor. He tries to make himself cry, so he'll make the face and sounds, but start laughing. I'm truly blessed.

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