Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day & Elias, nine months

Mother's Day has passed. Zac cooked French toast and the kids gave me chocolates and an Amiibo (Lottie). We went to church so Elias could be dedicated. I'm still not certain what "dedication" means, but it was something to do. We ate lunch at Fernando's and did some grocery shopping before heading home to relax.

Elias is nine months old now. He says Mama, bub (which we think is boob or bottle), Dada, and very loud "ahhhhh" sounds to get our attention. He's got two teeth on the bottom-front gums. Lately he's been testing his balance by pulling himself up to stand and letting go of what he's holding on to. He's a fast crawler and so very stubborn determined. I'm weaning him slowly as he's been biting me during feedings. I still breastfeed at night since he still wakes up once or twice, though I've been keeping a bottle by my bed. He plays peek-a-boo and I'm teaching him "bye bye" and "high five".

The change in his face is crazy from newborn to now. He looks more like a toddler when I compare them.

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