Monday, May 23, 2016

Louisiana & Tattoos

We took a trip to Louisiana over the weekend and stayed with Sean. He was off for the weekend, so I drove across the lake by myself for the first time ever while Zac stayed behind to hang out and keep the kiddos for me. The lake wasn't as scary as I thought it'd be. It was actually a bit relaxing. I liked the few hours alone without the kids, even though I missed them. It was nice to just talk to Jessie about things without being interrupted. I had an appointment to see Jessie for a bat tattoo. I also had my Taurus covered up with Maleficent. James isn't too disappointed, but I'm going to get constellations for all three kids eventually to make up for it.

Since Sean was off, he cooked chicken Parmesan and tiramisu for us. So good! It won't be long before Elias can have bites. He's got two more teeth peeking through. 

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