Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Leah is 7!

My big girl is seven! We celebrated part of her birthday last week since Mom was off and offered to take us to dinner wherever the birthday girl chose. She picked Backyard Burger.

This week, Zac had to work and she felt like her birthday was just a regular day. I told her it would be a bit boring, but as a surprise, I baked her a strawberry cake decorated with real strawberries. She wanted to go to church, which worked out as the group of kids were heading to the fire station to look at the fire trucks and learn about fire safety. They needed a parent to tag along, so Zac did. I stayed behind at the church to sit with the parents and Emily and hold Elias. We're planning a trip to the aquarium soon since James picked the science museum. Maybe that means Elias gets the zoo in the middle of summer?

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