Thursday, September 1, 2016

September Blog Challenge: Day 1

I've been seeing these over time and never did one, so I'm going to do one. September has 30 days, might as well go for it, right? Otherwise, I'll end up doing it in November when the "30 things I'm thankful for" is all the rage.

So, day 1: List 20 Random Facts About Yourself.
  1. I taught myself how to crochet.
  2. I used to have 14 piercings, but now only have 3.
  3. I prefer tea to coffee.
  4. Halloween is my favorite holiday.
  5. I have 8 tattoos.
  6. My favorite color is purple.
  7. I was homeschooled.
  8. I only had two boyfriends. Zac was my second.
  9. I'm a textbook Scorpio and middle child.
  10. I've been playing World of Warcraft for 10 years. Zac and I had an in-game wedding ceremony back in 2006.
  11. I love sushi.
  12. I can type 85 words per minute, but I type incorrectly. I took a typing class, but couldn't break the habit.
  13. My name was going to be Vanessa. It means "butterfly".
  14. My initials make up my favorite things: Art, Music, Books, Crochet.
  15. I've been learning French with hopes of becoming fluent before traveling to Paris in a few years.
  16. I collect foxes, pumpkins, Eiffel Towers, and snow globes.
  17. I waited learning to drive until I was 21.
  18. My eyes look green but are actually hazel. Sometimes they look grey.
  19. I don't like wearing makeup.
  20. I enjoy drawing people.
* * * * *

I took my kiddos to the park today. We walked from the house to the play area, only to find that construction was happening and the park was closed. Ugh! But, the walk was nice. They collected a few rocks and acorns along the way and it felt good to get out of the house.

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