Wednesday, September 14, 2016

September Blog Challenge: Day 14

Describe five strengths you have.

I'm open-minded. Growing up, my parents tried to teach me the way they believed based on the Christian religion. I never agreed with it. I didn't like judging people based on what God thinks. I'm pro-choice, pro-marriage of all types, and supportive of the LGBTQ community.

I avoid confrontation or try to get through it the easiest way possible. When I worked, sometimes there would be an issue with a customer. My best defense was to apologize profusely and give them cavities with my over-the-top sweetness. This was also one of my weaknesses as being passive. It worked, though. Kindness in the face of aggression is the best defense.

I think I'm creative. I like coming up with new ideas, be it homeschooling differently or finding a new way to rearrange furniture, or even decorate. Sometimes I help the kids find a way to use their imagination with their toys by making up a story for them.

Having a sense of humor is important. Being able to laugh at oneself or not take everything serious is something I'm trying to encourage my kids to do. Since I watch a lot of TV (it's usually in the background), I find myself using random quotes in every day situations, which helps make being awkward more pleasant. My favorite quotes come from The Office, Friends, or movies like Young Frankenstein.

I'm realistic (nowadays). I don't "try to keep my hopes up" or "think positive" because that leads to more disappointment in the event whatever I'm hoping for doesn't work out. It keeps me prepared. If I try to drive somewhere new, I expect to mess up or get lost, just in case. If my GPS doesn't fuck up, I feel relieved and happy for myself. If I make a wrong turn, I've already expected it to happen, so I don't freak out. The same goes for trying to draw something outside my comfort zone or crochet an unfamiliar pattern, or attempt a new recipe. I'm prepared.

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