Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Zac and I brought the kiddos to the playground for a bit. As we were leaving, an ice cream truck pulled in. The kiddos got excited, but we didn't have any cash on us, so we tried to make some sort of excuse to get home. They started getting upset with disappointment and I guess the woman selling ice cream felt sympathetic, so she gave them each a free popsicle.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Family Stuff

This week has been nice. Zac and I introduced the kids to sopapillas at Fernando's and James said, "I want those with honey, but no bees. Bees sting." He's so funny sometimes. We went to the Renaissance, an outdoor mall near Jackson. Zac shopped for some school supplies while I entertained the kids at Barnes & Noble.

Meredith is moving to Texas with her family, so Mom threw a going-away party tonight. I baked some French vanilla cupcakes (recipe found HERE) and my kiddos played with Molly and Wes.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Louisiana Trip 2010

Zac and I went to Louisiana on Saturday and have been sleeping at Sean's. Our trips never feel like they last long enough, but we had a fun time.

Sunday was a lazy day. We woke up late, hung out around Sean's apartment for a bit, then Mawmaw called and invited us over for grilled burgers.

Yesterday, I woke up to the worst poo mess ever, thanks to Miss Leah. After  baths, we drove to Slidell to see Jena, Jenny and Reid. All of us went to Italian Pie for lunch. Grace tried her first lemon, but didn't even make the Lemon Face! Jenny and Reid needed to get the girls to bed, so Zac and I drove to Kenner to hang out with Jessie and Joey for a while. Jessie gave me a few books to read, which is great since I just finished Dearly Devoted Dexter. As the kids' bedtime came closer, we headed back to Jena's. We played Clue with her, Quinn, Jenny and Reid for a bit while my kiddos played with Bella and Grace.

Today, Zac and I met up with Jenny and Reid at the snowball stand and Jenny talked me into getting the most amazing snowball ever: Wedding Cake, filled with ice cream and covered in condensed milk. It's a recipe for disaster, but totally worth it. Jenny and Reid followed us back to Jena's so we could say goodbye.

We said goodbye to our friends and headed to Hattiesburg to visit Katie on our way back to Mom's. Katie's mom is so sweet and I met her sister and youngest brother. We hung out for a bit and then went swimming.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Friend Visits

Katie and Garrett came over Monday to hang out with us. The guys played Rock Band while us girls sat outside, talking about Mom Stuff. Spencer has grown so much since we last saw him! He's got super long baby legs.

The heat outside has reached 102 degrees! I'm so looking forward to autumn. We've had to start taking the kids for walks in the evenings.