Sunday, February 26, 2012


I've decided to homeschool James next year. Zac and I talked about the pros and cons and I think it would benefit us on a positive level, especially since we'll be moving at the end of the year. James is looking forward to it. I've asked him a few times, telling him what it's going to be like, etc. I can even start teaching Leah a few basics so she can be ready for Kindergarten (if she wants to go). If James doesn't like homeschooling, he can always go to public school. I've researched a few Covington schools, just in case, but I'm hoping he sticks with it.

Last week, we went to the mall and discovered there's a new play area for kids, so we've been trying to go more often. It's just too cold to go to the park.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Sorry, it's been a while. Zac is in his second trimester at college, James is back in school after a case of bronchitis, and Leah is continuing to potty-train. We've been trying to get outside more and enjoy the kiddos. Their favorite thing is riding in the trailer around the neighborhood or to McAlister's.