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I'm Amy: a wife, mother of three, and Louisiana native now living in the middle of Mississippi with much of my heart still in the bayou. I crochet, make art, and play a ukulele.
I started this blog in 2005, shortly after meeting my then-boyfriend/now-husband. My goal was to stay positive and hold on to the significant things which happen in my life that I could look back on. Fortunately, this blog contains all my significant things. I'm navigating through motherhood, marriage, and grief with a positive-but-realistic approach.

Zac (Zachary) is my nerdy best friend and other half.
We met in June 2004 through a mutual friend. I kept him in the friend-zone for a few months before he won me over and I fell head-over-heels in love with him. We started dating in August 2004 and have been practically inseparable (much to the disgust of our peers) ever since.
He's the Jack to my Sally. We're simply meant to be.

"Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same."

Together, Zac and I have three children: JamesLeah, and Elias, plus two babies we lost to miscarriages, and one more due December 2018. They've taught me patience, self-restraint, and unconditional love for another person while simultaneously questioning my sanity. I'm probably biased, but they're by far the most awesome little humans I've ever met.

We have two small dogs, Toby and Ruby. Toby (Toblerone) is our laid-back gentle spirit while Ruby  (Root Beer) is a storm of chaos and self-entitlement.

We also have a pair of kitten brothers named Colby Jack and Monty (Monterey Jack). My eldest sister found them orphaned and abandoned, so we offered to take them in and they've become part of the family. Colby is our playful and sweet fluff monster while Monty is stern and opinionated most of the time.

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