Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A Day at the Park

The playground down the street FINALLY installed some swings, so I walked with the kiddos early this morning to let them play. We were the only ones there, which is good for my anxiety, and the kids could be loud and silly without bothering anyone else. I'm going to make it a regular trip, probably every day. The walk is good exercise and it gets us out of the house for a bit. Plus, it's close to the house so I don't need to worry if I forget a diaper or something.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Fish and stuff

We took yet another trip to Louisiana. I'm not complaining. Despite not having air conditioning in our car, the weather was lovely. Keara's little girl, Luna, had a birthday party to celebrate her first birthday, so we went to celebrate it on Saturday. The kiddos had a fun time in the bouncy house and eating a ton of watermelon. Elias had his first bites of sandwich and a few fruits. He didn't fuss at all, thankfully.

Sunday, we went across the lake to the Disney store to check out the Tsum Tsum variety, then headed to the aquarium.

Last night, Sean's friend, Sasha, came by to hang out so we could meet her. She's really sweet and smart. We played a game called Crimes Against Humanity, which was a lot of fun and kept us up much later than we're used to (midnight, for real). I spent most of today washing laundry and packing everything back up. We drove home in a horrible thunderstorm. I don't think we're heading back out that way until late June or early July. I'm sick of all the driving back and forth. And I missed my dogs.