Friday, June 30, 2017

VBS, Bedrooms, and a vent

This week has been busy. The church started Vacation Bible School (VBS) on Monday, so I've been dropping James and Leah off and soaking up quality time with Elias at home. I did stay at the church on Tuesday to sit in the nursery with the baby, but it was just the two of us, so the rest of the week was spent at home instead. Zac was sick earlier this week, but he's better now. I don't know what's giving us the pukes this month, but I hope it's all over and done with. Especially when Fussy Baby wants to touch me or be touched by me while he's trying to sleep and I'm crouched on the floor with my arm through the crib bars, freezing to death, holding his hand, only for him to wake up crying when I move an inch or try to sneak away. I couldn't put him in my bed with Sick Husband, so I crawled into his crib with him and slept scrunched up. I'm still having trouble touching my toes without bending my knees this week.

Anyway, the kids LOVE going to VBS. It's all they've been talking about. I didn't enroll them last year because I didn't think they'd enjoy it. Whoops. They've been learning songs and doing crafts and such. It's been nice getting out of the house every day, too. They perform their songs on Sunday night, so I'm looking forward to seeing that. James has told me that he's going to sing and do all the motions and not be nervous. It's precious.

Other things: James and Leah have been fighting over small things ALL WEEK. Constant annoyance. They've shared a room since Leah was born, then we added Elias. So when we moved to this house, they still wanted to share and leave the third bedroom available as a playroom. It was working out fine, really. Elias would take a nap in the bedroom and they would watch TV or play a video game in the playroom. Peachy Keen. But lately, they've been getting on each others' nerves as well as arguing, hitting, tattling, etc. Rotten things. So I mentioned to them that maybe it's time to split up. They're older, they need space, it'll be good for them, blahblahblah. James didn't want to split up, but Leah liked the idea. So, Leah has her own room now with her own TV. James and Elias share the other room, complete with James having his own desk with his laptop. He usually wakes up at the same time as Elias anyway and can lift him from the crib without hurting himself, so we were all in agreement that this arrangement was best.

Also this week, I found my B&BW employee card in a box... the one that I thought I threw away, so I ordered a replacement and spent all month waiting for it because the first order was sent to the old house in Brandon before I had to call again to order another. Now, I'm trying to figure out how to transfer the funds to my bank account and the website doesn't work that way because none of my current information is on file and talking to the reps over the phone is a chore of its own because English is not their first language (all three I have spoken to have been a real treat). I deleted the email I used in 2011 and Google is not going to recover it, so now I have to call them once again to have them verify my information WHILE I try to log in... so my account is currently locked unless I want to bypass all the "full features". Grr5ever.

It's been a day.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Church Pictures

A few weeks ago, the church offered a photo session for the church directory which included a complimentary 8x10 of whichever photo we chose to go in the directory. Zac and I didn't intend to make any big purchases (mortgages are crazy, amirite?) so we were posed and photographed for about an hour. The kids were so good. Not like "hey, they're good kids" but like really good. Nobody fought, they posed (even ELIAS), and were quiet and polite blahblahblah. In the end, we had to buy the disc and a huge picture of all three kiddos together because duh. 

Look At The Beautiful People! Thanks to Life Touch for some of the loveliest pictures we've ever had taken.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Berries and Barf

Over the course of this week, I've been ill. Monday night, my parents came over to dinner. I probably ate more than I should've or faster than I should've and ended up throwing up. No fever, no other symptoms, aside from a horrible headache (caffeine withdrawals).

Tuesday, I was still feeling off. We were to meet up with the homeschool group in Raymond to pick blueberries at Pecan Hills Farms. Zac took the day off to come with us, but I ended up staying in the car to sleep. The kids had a blast. We've still got so many blueberries leftover. I want to make a cobbler or a pie before they go bad. Unfortunately, Zac wasn't able to get any pictures of the kids with their buckets, but his hands were full. 

Today, my Lulu is sick, so I've had no sleep. She's been throwing up most of the night, but has finally been keeping down crackers and water. I hope this is over with. The bathroom and furniture has been disinfected and I've washed so much laundry. Zac helped clean up puke last night and I think we're both sick from anxiety right now. But Leah's comfy, watching movies all day. Meanwhile, I'm taking littlest to the bedroom so we can nap together until Zac gets home or something.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Summerish Random

I keep seeing posts on social media about how summer is here and kids are everywhere. I realize my homeschooled kids have been enjoying their break since April. We haven't been swimming yet, though they've been having fun in the shade of our patio with chalk, as well as jumping on the trampoline. I really want to get them a swing set or at least build something in the backyard for Elias' baby swing to attach to. Or get a pool. Not a big pool, but something they can sit in.

Work has been busy these past few weeks. We're in the middle of the Semi-Annual Sale, so I've been helping in the back room, making sure things are organized and easy to find. I've been paid twice since being hired, but even after applying for direct deposit, the fools in corporate still put my money on the Bath & Body Works employee card (like a credit card, but my own money). That card was tossed out years ago, so I called the corporate number and will be sent a new one in a few days... just so I can cancel it and use my bank account. Bleh.

My computer decided to crap out on me, so Zac replaced two of my hard drives. I was able to save my pictures, though... unlike my old external where so many baby pictures of my bigger two are located, including videos of first steps, first words, and others I've forgotten about by now.

Speaking of replacements, Zac also replaced our kitchen faucet today. So grown up, we are.

It's been pretty uneventful around here. I'm trying to see about ordering this years' school books and trying to get some funds together for a church trip in July for the kids. Busy busy busy. Meanwhile, I'm also trying to find a second vehicle... something in the mini van range. Yikes. More later, promise.