Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Rumpty Dumpty

Zac picked up our first King Cake of the year. I slice into it and, behold, a baby's butt in my face.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Car Accident

I found a tiny Eiffel Tower for the fish tank.

The kids and I were visiting Zac in Covington over the weekend. We didn't do much on account of the rain and cold, but it was nice to hang out. Zac and Sean bought me an electric stove heater, which is probably the best thing ever.

I was going to head back to Mississippi on Sunday, but Dad was going to church Sunday night and Mom had to work, so my assistant manager said I didn't have to help with the floorset. I decided to stay a little longer and leave Tuesday, even though it was rainy. I'm always careful in the rain.

I was about 20 minutes from Mom's. I turned off my cruise control, like normally, and it wasn't raining very hard. Suddenly, I drove through a puddle and the Blazer started sliding. It veered left, then right. I tried to keep the wheel sturdy, but I started spinning. I had Zac on the phone, using my earpiece so I could be hands-free. We weren't really talking. I had one thought... If I die, my babies will be stranded and scared, all alone with nobody to help them...

I spun around, and we slammed sideways into a cement divider between the interstates. I braced myself for impact, but we just hit so hard. The rear and passenger windows shattered instantly. I was hysterical, my kids were terrified and crying, there was glass everywhere. I told Zac I crashed, then called Dad and told him I was in a wreck. Zac and I have an app on our phone where we can track each other. It came in handy when I was working in Jackson and couldn't navigate the back roads. He found my location and told Dad.

I was facing on-coming traffic, at night, in the rain, completely freaked out and terrified. A car pulled nearby and a man came and knocked on the window. He told me to come sit with his family while I waited for the police, so he carried James while I carried Leah and Toby across the interstate. His wife and daughter were so kind and patient. Normally, they wouldn't have stopped, but tonight they did. His wife said their car broke down earlier and he was already wet from being in the rain. She said, "He saw you and said he just had to stop."

Firetrucks arrived first, then an ambulance, then the police, and finally Dad and a tow truck. I declined a trip to the hospital. Looking back, I suppose we could've gone to get checked out, but none of us were hurt or dizzy, no broken bones. I was just shaking from the adrenaline. James only had an abrasion from his seat belt and Leah had a small scratch on her neck. I've got super awful whiplash and flashbacks that will haunt me forever. My car is now totaled and I'm not sure what we're going to do for transportation... I'm overwhelmed, scared to drive, and I can't sleep. My mind keeps racing, thinking about what could've happened.

The good news is that it's snowing outside and it might stick. The kids will be happy to see a frosted ground in the morning. 

I'm just so lucky. This accident could've been so much worse, but it wasn't. My babies are safe tonight. I can hug and kiss them and tell them I love them.